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5/8" Stud Anchor Kit

Model No: STUD-ANCHOR-625
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Model No: STUD-ANCHOR-625

5/8" Stud Anchor Kit

A mounting kit containing 4 each: 7" x0.625" Stud Anchor bolts, nuts and washers (for existing construction) *Products shipped before 08/07/2019 are 10" in length.
Made in the USA
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$85.23 ea

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These 5/8" (.0625") diameter Anchor Bolts are used to install studs into an existing cement pad/foundation. They are installed by drilling holes into the concrete, then tapping the studs into the holes. As the nut is tightened, the stud will move upwards slightly allowing the anchor to "grab" the wall of the hole. The expanding washer will fill the space and permanently anchor the stud into the concrete. Great to use with any pad mount pedestal.

Important Note: Product changed 08/07/2019. The anchor length was changed to 7". Products shipped before 08/07/2019 will be 10" in length. 

Color Unpainted
Finish Unfinished
Material Carbon Steel
Package Depth 14"
Package Height 6"
Package Width 6"
Quantity Per Package 1
Weight 12lbs

This product is applicable to a wide range of devices, has been designed for universal applications, conforms to most installation specifications, and meets the industry’s highest standards for strength and construction.

We can also modify it for you prior to shipping. We offer free in-house engineering and drawings within 48 hours of your request.

Contact our Customer Service department with any questions.

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