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Omni-Directional Head (point device any direction)

Model No: Omni-4W5T-BLK
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Model No: Omni-4W5T-BLK

Omni-Directional Head (point device any direction)

A strong but simple omni-directional mount for cameras, long range readers, housings, etc. Designed to allow an installer to achieve 360° x 180° mounting angles by combining two rotating hemispheres from any surface-- pedestals, walls, parapets, etc. Injection molded using glass filled Nylon (black) with very high strength and weather proof (including UV) without interfering with RFID systems. Configured to allow wires to pass through its center "eye" to protect connection wiring.
Made in the USA
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$178.02 ea

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A strong, lightweight, non-conductive, rigid, multi-angle, multi-directional mounting solution for cameras, long range readers, housings, etc. The unique design allows for 360° rotation when the locking bolt is loosened then holds its position when the locking bolt is tightened to provide an installer precise 360° x 180° mounting angles by two combined rotating hemispheres. Helpful on any mounting surface -- pedestals, ceilings, walls, parapets, etc. Constructed of injection-molded glass-reinforced nylon with high strength characteristics and high tolerance to extreme weather conditions including UV. Its non-conductive properties won't interfere with RFID devices such as long range readers. Cable pass feature allows wiring to pass through its center "eye" to protect camera and card reader connectivity from vandals and weather. Approximately 5.25" tall (when positioned at 90°) with 4.25" wide face plates. Mounting slots are 1.75" long to receive 1/4" carriage bolts set on a 3.375" diameter circle. Testing has concluded that the Omni-Mount sustains loads in excess of 100 lbs. in compression, tension, both longitudinally and transversely to the flat mounting surface. Optimal load range is up to 50 lbs., temperature range is -15° to +150° F. Warrantied for 30 days from manufacturer defects.

Color Black Wrinkle
Finish Unfinished
Material Polycarbonate
Package Depth 9"
Package Height 6"
Package Width 4"
Quantity Per Package 1
Style Standard
Weight 1.5lbs

This product is applicable to a wide range of devices, has been designed for universal applications, conforms to most installation specifications, and meets the industry’s highest standards for strength and construction.

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