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Camera Mount, Parapet, Roof, Stainless, J Hook

Model No: CAMSKY-JHOO-01-304

J Hook Camera Mount - Parapets and Rooftops

Camera Mount, Parapet, Roof, Stainless, J Hook Perspective
Camera Mount, Parapet, Roof, Stainless, J Hook
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A specialty J Hook mount for surveillance cameras, made from stainless steel, powder coated silver, and extends outward 32". Easy to swing arm and maintain cameras year round. Made with heavy duty materials.
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Product Attributes

Mounts to
Product Dimensions 0 x 0 x 0 inches
Box Dimensions 53 x 28 x 8 inches
Box Weight 55 lb
Country of Origin United States of America

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Product Overview

Mounting cameras on rooftops and parapets hasn’t been exactly trouble-free in times past. Today, you have a much better solution to resolve many of your troubles and to provide your customers with exceptional value they will truly appreciate. The first J Hook camera mount made from #304 stainless steel with an extended 32" reach.  Sturdy materials including .25” base plate and 11-gauge tube to withstand hurricane force winds of 152 mph. Weatherproof #304 Stainless Steel with a beautiful metallic silver powder coated finish with UV inhibitor (brushed #4 stainless finish is also available.) Tight spaces fully enclosed to prevent bee/wasp intrusion. Easily serviceable using a handle and removable hitch pin to rotate the arm 180°. Standard 1-½” NPT coupling to fit many different shapes & styles of dome cameras and housings. Arrives fully assembled. Easy to install including easy cable pass,Priced competitively. Customizable: this item can be slightly modified if you have special needs—simply contact us and ask to speak with a Sales Engineer. Or, we are happy to provide free CAD design support if you need a full custom-designed parapet camera arm for a special project. With its obvious feature advantages, strength, and sleek design you simply can’t go wrong with Pedestal PRO camera mount solutions.

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Everything you need to get your CAMSKY-JHOO-01-304 installed.

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