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56" Stainless Bollard, Architectural (8" round)

Model No: 8BOL-PRO-001-304
56" Stainless Bollard, Architectural (8" round) - perspective view perspective
56" Stainless Bollard, Architectural (8" round) - perspective view

56" Stainless Bollard, Architectural (8" round)

Model No: 8BOL-PRO-001-304

brushed #4 finish, #304 stainless, 8" round bollard pedestal, .120" wall tube, tapered top, mounted from inside, customizable (item # 8BOL-PRO-001-304)


This product has been designed to work specifically with the following products:

  • Zenitel - TCIS-3
Device not included. Device sold separately.
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Product Description

A beautifully brushed stainless steel bollard for decorative entryways, glass lobbies, Class A spaces, and premium clients. Meant to mount card readers, door stations, cameras, intercoms, keypads, entry/exit buttons, biometric readers, and other access control devices. Most often installed for aesthetics in high-end applications. The pedestal is polished with a 180 grit #4 finish. The top is tapered for an architectural design. This pedestal comes with an alcoved "face" approx 18"T x 7.25"W that can accommodate one or more access control devices (contact one of our sales engineers to specify your cutout dimensions - cutouts may be an additional charge). Unlike any of its competing rivals, no fasteners can be seen after installation-- this pedestal is mounted from the inside out using an access panel on the backside. Whereas a competing bollard will begin to wobble shortly after the initial installation (using a light weight 2-piece anchor-bollard design), this heavy duty stainless steel bollard will hold steady regardless of the use and abuse because of its one-piece design and its .25" thick base plate that get secured against the floor. This stainless bollard has passed our facewind testing protocol surviving sustained Category 5 hurricane force winds of 157 mph (we even tested it up to 600 mph and it only began to flex 2mm). Stainless steel pedestals are sought mainly for rust protection and beauty and this pedestal delivers without question. Each pedestal is wrapped in foam packaging and boxed individually for safe shipping. Customized cutouts, heights, and colors are available-- additional costs and lead times may apply. This pedestal is often sold with a mounting bolt kit and possibly with additional cutouts. Pedestal PRO is the world's leading manufacturer of access control pedestals and supports a global network of systems integrators and security professionals.

Model Number


Color Unpainted
Finish Brushed Stainless
Material Stainless Steel
Package Depth 15"
Package Height 62"
Package Width 10"
Quantity Per Package 1
Style Architectural
Wall Thickness .120"
Weight 79lbs

Customize It!

Our pedestals are customizable! Upon request we can change the mount height or reach of any pedestal. We can design a base plate that mounts to your existing pad, increase the size of the tube for more conduit. Ask our customer service about your unique situation.

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