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Model No: 156STA-VERK-01-ALU

PRO Emergency Wall Station - Verkada TD52

Any devices shown are not included.
This product comes sized and with hole cutouts to mount specific devices out of the box.
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Designed Specifically for:
A revolutionary Emergency Wall Station. Helps pedestrians contact emergency response teams. Includes precut holes for Verkada TD52. Flashing bricks strobes (top), vertical LED light bars (2 sides), and bright blue coating to attract attention. Strong, rust free aluminum construction. (Devices not included.)
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Product Attributes

Material Aluminum
Finish Polyester Powdercoat
Color Blue
Mounts to Wall
Shape Rectangle
Mount Height
Product Dimensions 36 x 15 x 4 inches
Box Dimensions 40 x 17 x 6 inches
Box Weight 27 lb
Country of Origin United States of America

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Product Overview



The lighting functionality is pre-programmed with optional presets.

The top strobe lights (brick lights) are on all the time but strobe when activated. The rate is adjustable on the circuit board.

 The vertical lighting (light strips) is off until the photocell senses dusk/dark and activates white ambient light. Photocell sensitivity and intensity is adjustable on the circuit board.

 The vertical lighting also strobes red and blue (alternatively red and yellow) in unison with the brick lights when activated. Duration is adjustable (1 to 20 minutes) on the circuit board.

 If a different functionality is required we can custom program the controller with extra lead time and an additional cost.


The wiring into the tower should be performed by someone local that knows the codes.  Running conduit into the bottom of the tower and terminating with an outdoor receptacle box is probably the most straightforward. (And a CAT6 for the device) The lighting system is 12 VDC which is powered by a 60 W 120 VAC power supply.  It has a 3-prong plug that can be clipped off and hard wired.  

The tower draws approximately 50 W and the smaller wall station draws approximately 25 W.

Concrete & Anchors:

The concrete should be designed by someone local that can ensure it follows code, but we recommend 32” deep and 32” diameter minimum. The small concrete anchor (Fast Foundation, pn 66TOW-EMER-02-304) is placed and leveled in wet concrete (along with conduit, etc.)  Allow a few days to cure, then the tower can be placed. 

The large ground anchor (Fast Foundation, pn 66TOW-EMER-01-304) is placed and leveled in an open hole (36" deep and 36" diameter) with packed ground and/or gravel (along with conduit, etc.)  Backfill the hole with packed dirt/gravel fill. The tower can be placed immediately. 

There is a generous hole in the bottom of the tower for conduits and such.

Bought Together

Everything you need to get your 156STA-VERK-01-ALU installed.

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