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stainless, cabinet

Model No: 106CAB-SEAT-02-304

54" Stainless Combo Pedestal - Aiphone IX-DVF and 2 single gangs

stainless, cabinet Perspective
stainless, cabinet
stainless, cabinet
Any devices shown are not included.
This product comes sized and with hole cutouts to mount specific devices out of the box.
If you don't intend to use device(s) listed below, we recommend looking for a similar, general purpose product
Designed Specifically for:
54"Hx10"Wx6"D cabinet made from 11 gauge #304 stainless steel; top cap; base plate welded to inside of tower with center through hole and .75" anchor holes for pad mounting; access panel on back side; includes cutouts on front side for Aiphone IX-DVF intercom up 45" from base on centerline and with a HID RP40 multiCLASS™ reader and ADA push button (single gang) side-by-side directly below intercom; brushed #4 finish
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Product Attributes

Material Stainless Steel
Finish Brushed Stainless
Color Unpainted
Mounts to
Mount Height
Product Dimensions 0 x 0 x 0 inches
Box Dimensions 60 x 10 x 6 inches
Box Weight 57 lb
Country of Origin United States of America

Customize It

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Product Overview

A beautifully brushed stainless steel bollard to mount devices such as a card reader, door station, camera, intercom, keypad, entry/exit button, biometric reader, or any other access control device. Great for perimeter access applications for premium clients. Stainless steel pedestals are sought mainly for rust protection and beauty and this pedestal delivers without question. This pedestal is polished with a 180 grit #4 finish and tapered at the top for a highly attractive architectural design. Furthermore, no fasteners can be seen after installation; instead, this pedestal is mounted from the inside out using an access panel on the backside and a heavy duty .25" base plate on the inside to hold the bollard firmly into position regardless of the use and abuse it receives. This one-piece design secured properly against the cement allows it to pass our facewind testing protocol that requires our pedestals to survive sustained Category 5 hurricane force winds of 157 mph. This pedestal comes standard with the two cutouts shown but can be customized to accommodate a variety of access control devices. Contact one of our sales engineers to specify your cutout dimensions. Changes in cutout patterns and locations, heights, colors, etc. may be an additional charge. This pedestal is often sold with a mounting bolt kit (sold separately) and is wrapped in foam packaging and boxed individually for safe shipping. Pedestal PRO is the world's leading manufacturer of access control pedestals and supports a global network of systems integrators and security professionals.

Bought Together

Everything you need to get your 106CAB-SEAT-02-304 installed.

Horseshoe-shaped shims (spacers) to easily wrap around bolts and level a pedestal on an existing pad

Leveling Shim Kit

stud anchor kit, pedestal mounting hardware, pedestal installation kit

Stud-bolt Pedestal Mounting Kit - 5/8" Bolts

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