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Damaged & Missing Merchandise
Updated 07/31/2020

Pedestal PRO counts and verifies quantities of merchandise prior to shipping. Small parcel shippers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and LTL Freight carriers accept our quantities when picking up your shipment, taking title of the goods, and providing us tracking/PRO numbers. You are responsible to count the number of boxes you receive whether they arrive by small parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) or by LTL freight carrier—count the boxes not just the pallets. Please count the boxes PRIOR to signing the delivery receipt for any shipment.

Any missing or damaged items must be noted on the delivery receipt and reported to the delivery driver in order to submit and validate a loss/damage claim with Pedestal PRO. Any missing or damaged items not noted on the delivery receipt cannot be replaced at no charge by Pedestal PRO. There are two exceptions:

  1. “Concealed Damage” claims, can (and must) be reported within 5 business in order to validate a loss/damage claim with Pedestal PRO.
  2. If you scheduled your own shipping on your own shipping account, Pedestal PRO cannot replace at no charge because you will receive reimbursement from the claim, not Pedestal PRO. You will need to contact your own shipping carrier to make your own claim. They own the title for the goods. If you need to reorder replacement items quickly, then contact Pedestal PRO immediately with a new PO and we’ll do everything we can to ship your replacement parts as soon as possible.

Pedestal PRO makes every attempt to package and palletize items for reliable cross-country shipping. We go so far as to:

  1. wrap padding around each individual product
  2. box individually using double-wall corrugated material, provide extra layers of heavy duty shrink wrap
  3. differential our pallets with blue-colored shrink wrap to specifically identify when carriers break down our pallets and try to repalletize them (to the detriment of our care and expertise), and
  4. use heavy duty banding to ensure the product is secured to the pallet.

Pallets do not leave our facility without meeting the highest standards for packaging and palletizing.

It is amazing to us how freight carriers find ways to damage shipments! If a shipment arrives damaged, please either refuse the shipment or receive it ONLY WITH A NOTE OF DAMAGE OR MISSING items. This will provide us the correct documentation to make a make a damage or missing claim to our carrier. Without it, we are unable to support you with replacement product at no charge.

We appreciate your business and will do everything we can to serve you with reliable shipping.