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New Product Announcement: Space Needle™—Customizable Mount For Thermal Cameras

Pike Goss
Fri, June 26, 2020

Pedestal PRO recently announced the availability of a customizable concept for mounting thermal imaging and fever detection cameras called the Space Needle™.

The Space Needle bridges the various spaces between mounting surfaces such as ceilings and walls to position thermal imaging cameras within correct proximities of pedestrians to capture the best footage and data for social safety requirements.  If mounted near traffic, the rugged Space Needle is vandal resistant.  If mounted farther away, the Space Needle can position thermal cameras out of reach from traffic.

The Space Needle ensures that a camera can be pointed any direction using its 360° sphere—a unique rotating “omni-directional” head that pivots on two hemispheres to ensure thermal cameras can be pointed at very specific angles—even before you get to panning or tilting a camera. Furthermore, the head is designed with a hollow core for easy cable pass.

The entire three-piece solution set is fully customizable.  Whereas traditional camera mounts might be limited to 12” of reach, Pedestal PRO’s Space Needle starts at 14” and is fully customizable to reach out to 10’ or more.  Dropping down from high ceilings or protruding into the room space has never been easier.  

Lastly, the Space Needle can be made from different materials (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum) for indoor/outdoor applications and can be polished or color matched to coincide with your lobby or facade’s architectural requirements.

Thermal imagery cameras are being specified everywhere.  But a typical ceiling or wall mount won’t always do the trick.  With limited ranges, thermal detection cameras sometimes need a customizable mounting solution that can fit any need.  Pedestal PRO’s Space Needle can solve many of these unique challenges. Contact a sales engineer at Pedestal PRO for a custom design and quote: or 800-660-3072.

More information can be found here.

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- Pike Goss | 9 - Fri, June 26, 2020
(last updated: Wed, Jul 29, 2020 7:30 PM)