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Make High Visibility Blue Light Emergency Call Boxes a Visually Attractive Addition to Your Property

Pike Goss
Fri, April 21, 2023

Emergency Call Boxes Need a Facelift

Since their introduction in the mid-1990s, blue light emergency call stations have become one of the most ubiquitous public safety technologies. By 2005, they could be found on 90% of higher-education campuses within the U.S. 

Today, emergency call boxes are everywhere, enhancing the safety of parking lots, campus walkways, parks, rest stops, train stations, city centers, pedestrian malls, and anywhere else where individuals may feel physically threatened and wish to seek immediate assistance. Their blue light is a universally recognized beacon indicating “help is here.”

Unfortunately, little effort has been made to make blue light emergency call stations attractive. The ruggedized, industrial-grade metal structures may be fine for improving parking lot safety, but can be eyesores when placed in otherwise beautiful environments. What architect hasn’t cringed when seeing a clunky emergency call box installed next to a plaza’s fountain or commissioned artwork? Public safety and aesthetics should not be mutually exclusive.


The Next Generation of Call Boxes

Pedestal PRO’s new emergency call boxes redefine the product category in many ways, including physical appearance. Our units feature a patented, low-profile architectural design with a unique octagon shape that’s sleek but incredibly strong – capable of withstanding sustained Category 4, 135 mph hurricane-force winds. And they’ll hold up in the elements. We fabricate them using rust-free-powder-coated aluminum to keep them looking fresh, year after year.

Like traditional emergency call boxes, ours feature a bright blue light, but that’s where external similarities end. In addition to blue LED strobes that provide high visibility in every direction, our units have attractive vertical light strips on all four sides. They glow white under normal conditions, and flash blue and red upon an emergency trigger. They may be programmed to display other colors too, with variable brightness, flash duration, and strobe effects.

Adjustments can be made to the height of our tower models, and customers may specify custom paint colors, lettering, and full-color vinyl graphics. We even offer a “Mascot Program” that incorporates school colors, team logos, and corporate identities to complement the look of the surrounding environment. Our in-house design team ensures that results match each client’s vision.

Standard turnaround requires 12-15 business days, with no minimum fabrication requirement. Orders can be fast-tracked at an additional charge for shorter lead times.


Our Additional Emergency Call Box Benefits

Of course, beauty is only skin deep. Our blue light emergency call stations offer other competitive advantages too. We’re the only turn-key solution that allows customers to choose vendor-specific solutions so that the intercom systems, surveillance cameras, and other devices within the emergency call boxes integrate seamlessly with the site’s broader security and public safety technology ecosystem.

We also take the pain out of installation. Our tower units weigh only 62 pounds and can be ordered with a pre-fabricated anchor that eliminates the need to pour concrete. A single worker can install a blue light emergency tower without a crane, flatbed, or other special equipment. We also offer wall-mounted emergency call boxes.  

For more information about how Pedestal PRO is redefining the product category, read an interview with our company’s President and Founder, Pike Goss, that originally appeared in the March 2023 Issue of Security Business Magazine and

- Pike Goss | 16 - Fri, April 21, 2023
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